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How can get organic traffic on my website for free? On 2024

by jonbiss88, Sunday, 29 October 2023 (7 months ago)
How can get organic traffic on my website for free? On 2024

It’s every marketer’s dream: bring in gobs of visitors from your target group without paying a dollar. That strategy may seem like a pipe dream, but for many firms, it’s a reality. There are methods you can use to bring more visitors to your website without splashing out gobs of money on sponsored ads and search engine marketing (SEM). Today, we’re looking at ways to acquire free organic traffic to your content and channels without eating away at your marketing budget:

  • What is organic traffic?
  • 10 Sources to Get Free Organic Traffic

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is any traffic to your website that originates from an unpaid internet source. That implies that all organic traffic is free. The return on investment (ROI) for organic traffic is greater compared to bought traffic. That’s because organic traffic is more permanent, particularly if you develop evergreen content that remains relevant to your audience longer than current items.

10 Sources to Get Free Organic Traffic

You may believe you know all the locations where you can get organic traffic for your firm, but there are certainly others you haven’t explored. Here are 10 locations where you can steal free organic traffic online:

1. Search Engines

Search engines are where you obtain the bulk of your organic traffic. Out of all search engines, Google is generally the top traffic grabber. The whole objective of search engines is to deliver the best response to a user’s inquiry. The sooner someone receives the proper answer, the more delighted they are with the search engine. And if your material is what the search engine advises to answer their inquiry or solve their issue, it boosts your traffic, brand awareness, and thought leadership.

The easiest method to get your content to appear on Google at the top of a search engine results page (SERP) or in a featured snippet is to concentrate on implementing a search engine optimization (SEO) plan into every part of your content strategy. Some SEO methods you may utilize include completing keyword research and focusing on your linking strategy.

2. Aggregator Websites

An aggregator website is a site that aggregates data from sources throughout the internet and presents it in one place for easy access. There are various sorts of aggregator sites around the internet, including:

  • News aggregators
  • Service aggregators
  • Shopping aggregators
  • Social aggregators
  • Video aggregators

Most aggregator sites pull the information automatically from other sources, while others give people tools to post their own content that exists elsewhere online. Reddit and Medium are two examples of these sorts of aggregators. To acquire organic traffic from aggregator websites, concentrate on providing high-quality material that meets specialized demands. For example, to appear in the Google News aggregator, your work immediately gets evaluated for Top Stories or the News tab in search, provided it fits with the Google News content guidelines—no more actions are necessary.

On sites like Reddit and Medium, where you can submit your own material for aggregation, you may seek out more strategic methods to get your content to appear in the proper locations. On Reddit, for example, you may interact in relevant subreddits and offer links to your website and material that addresses other users’ issues.

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With Medium, you can distribute small, relevant content pieces that refer back to bigger articles on your major website. Medium has stringent limits concerning obvious efforts to reroute visitors from one domain to another, but the appropriate linking approach might help you receive more attention on the site without infringing the rules.

3. Social media platforms

Social media is comparable to an aggregator site in the sense that it gathers information from all over the internet and shows it in one location. But instead of machines conducting the data collection, genuine audience members and users do the curating. Users select what shows up in their news feeds depending on the information they consume, the people and sites they follow, and their surfing behavior.

Even without a great social media plan, having a presence on some platforms boosts the odds of getting noticed by new audience members. That leads to possibly more organic traffic to your website and other sources. Here are a few techniques to generate more organic traffic on various social platforms:


Facebook is one of the initial social media sites that discovered a method to appeal to companies. It was one of the first to feature business pages that users could like and follow to obtain information about corporate activities on their feeds. Unfortunately, Facebook hasn’t moved on with as many organic page recognition tools as other platforms. The corporation likes to promote sponsored content and paid advertising above organic reach choices.

But that doesn’t mean you should rule Facebook out for organic traffic possibilities. Focus on getting people to like your page, and then share stuff constantly. This guarantees that your material shows up in people’s feeds, as much as the algorithm permits. You may also interact with audience members in relevant Facebook groups to make them aware of your company, goods, and services. If the group permits, you may be able to distribute links to your material inside them to increase organic traffic.


Twitter is one of the simpler social media networks to employ to help get organic visitors. This is all owing to its shortness. You can’t share a whole article here or a large text post. Instead, you may offer a teaser for your material and a link, as long as it comes in under 280 characters. When visitors click the links in your tweets, they are sent back to your website, improving your organic traffic.

Making use of the proper keywords and hashtags in your tweets might help them appear in the right feeds or under hot subject headings to reach a larger audience. But make sure you’re just utilizing hashtags and phrases that genuinely connect to your content. Spamming your tweets with a number of hashtags that don’t connect to your content might work against your brand’s trustworthiness.


LinkedIn is the main social networking platform for business and professional networking, particularly for B2B organizations. Thanks to features like article publishing, you may distribute your material straight on the platform, but you can also use it as a location to connect to your website and other channels. To gain more organic traffic from LinkedIn, concentrate on posting links to your website in posts or inside the articles you create. You may also form or join LinkedIn groups to connect with the proper target audience.

Focusing on other social media optimization methods, including employing the proper keywords and hashtags, also helps your content appear in the right feeds and searches across the network. This should help garner more eyeballs, and ideally more clicks, on your material.


Instagram is a unique social media platform because it does a little bit of everything. It includes room for writing, photographs, videos, and even shopping. It also makes use of algorithms that recommend relevant information to users based on their surfing patterns and allows users to follow accounts and hashtags to receive content for their feeds. With a business account, you can monitor statistics for even more information about your audience, depending on how your content shows up in the algorithms.

Posting often, connecting with your followers, and optimizing posts with keywords and hashtags are just a few of the ways you may boost your chances of obtaining traffic on Instagram. One of the biggest limitations of this platform is that you can’t connect to off-platform information inside individual postings. You may, nevertheless, link to other information or websites in your tales and your profile.


Pinterest is a famous visual social networking tool that lets users store photos and links to other websites as “pins.” Users may save pins to multiple broads and classify them any way they wish. You can optimize your pins for search both inside Pinterest and on Google by adding relevant keywords and eye-catching photos or videos. Pinterest also includes a “shop” function that enables people to view things and then return to your e-commerce site to purchase them.

To acquire the most potential organic traffic from Pinterest, optimize your content for search inside the site. Most of a user’s feed comes from “suggested” information from the platform’s algorithm rather than the boards, businesses, and other people they follow. It’s vital to incorporate content tags, hashtags, and relevant keywords in every description. You may also collaborate with influencers to have your material noticed on their boards and profiles. This might help your links appear in the correct searches and recommendations for other people.


Though YouTube isn’t precisely the same as some other social networking platforms, it does provide feed and recommendation features worth addressing. Though this platform only works if you provide video content for your consumers, YouTube functions as a two-way street for your content. You may connect to your website or other material inside your movies using cards. You may also post your YouTube videos on your website or another social network, utilizing linking and embedding tools.

As with other platforms, the best strategy to gain organic traffic from YouTube is to improve your content. Focus on the keywords you use in titles and descriptions. Use YouTube’s content capabilities to your advantage and attempt to have your videos put in relevant playlists for even more exposure.


Though one of the newest social media networks, TikTok still has the ability to bring organic traffic to your website. Unlike YouTube, videos on TikTok are short, coming in at 60 seconds or less. But these brief films might work to your benefit by serving as a preview for long-form material on your website. An important point to understand about TikTok is that it frequently attracts a younger audience, with the main age range of users ranging between 16 and 35.

TikTok is similarly founded on trends. If you have time-sensitive material you’d want to broadcast to drive attention and visitors to your website, this might be the ideal social media platform for you.

4. Guest Posts

Guest blogging is a content writing collaboration between two businesses where one team publishes material that appears on the other’s website and social feeds. When you guest write, you frequently do it to acquire backlinks and develop strong ties with other firms in your field. But this method may also help you obtain more organic visitors.

Because guest writing is a link-building method, you already know you’ll earn backlinks to your website in that article. They go straight in front of the rival company’s audience and refer consumers to your website. The more related the links you give in the guest post, the more likely readers will click and return to your website. That helps you obtain more organic traffic and more focused traffic than you may be able to achieve with other methods.

5. Partnerships with Subject Matter Experts

Working with subject-matter experts is another way you may acquire organic traffic from fresh, targeted audiences. Using a subject-matter expert to design your content helps make the pieces more useful to your audience. They can trust that whatever advice or information they acquire from the professionals is accurate. That helps boost your opinion and leadership in your area.

Plus, when you collaborate with subject matter experts, they’ll typically post material they contribute to on their own channels. They may link to it on their blog, post it on their social media feeds, or suggest it as reading for their other followers. Finding subject-matter experts your audience already trusts and developing partnerships with them is the best method to obtain more organic traffic via this channel.

6. Influencers

Another strategy to generate momentum on social media, or even via guest blogging, is to engage and cooperate with influencers. While some influencers in particular sectors and niches engage with firms in return for discount coupons, product samples, or free trials of service, Every influencer you meet won’t be free and won’t be the appropriate pick to help you generate organic traffic to your website. It’s crucial to perform your study and locate the significant influencers in your area. Then limit those down to people who are best linked with your target audience.

You may then do outreach and find out if these influencers are willing to cooperate with you for remuneration other than cash. Most influencers distribute information and articles about your goods and services on their own channels with links back to your website or e-commerce shop. As their followers browse through the material, they’ll click the links that bring them to your channels, ushering in additional organic traffic.

7. Email marketing

Using email marketing may not be a route you’d consider for obtaining organic visitors. After all, everyone on your email list is already part of your audience. They have to sign up to get messages from you. But just because someone signed up for your emails doesn’t guarantee they’ve ever visited your website. You may urge them to do so via your email content. Adding lead magnets to your message promotes clicks away from the email content and onto your website.

Through this channel, you may route various audience groups to precisely the material you want them to view on your website. This not only helps you acquire more organic traffic but targeted visitors, too.

8. Online Directories

Online directories like Yelp, Google My Business, and Yellow Pages may help you promote your website in front of individuals seeking certain items or services. While lots of individuals may merely do a Google search to seek for something like “plumbers near me,” having your content included in directories helps your website come up for such searches. Remember, search engines take material and information from around the web, including these directories.

Listing your brand for the correct categories, geographic location, and keywords helps you be noticed both via the directory itself and in search. Plus, if individuals locate a directory service they trust, they may even visit there first before performing an internet search. Similar to social media, it’s vital to optimize your directory listings so that you show up in the correct feeds or searches. It’s also crucial to make sure that your business information is correct throughout your directory listings.

Check for things like misspellings in your street address or brand name and transposed digits in your phone number. These little flaws not only take away from your company’s reputation, which might dissuade organic visitors, but they also make it tougher for search engines to identify and interpret your material. And if you don’t show up in searches, it’s tougher for you to get organic visitors.

9. Press Releases

Press releases are another form of organic traffic you may not consider when attempting to disseminate your content and get more visitors back to your site. But a press release is especially beneficial for bringing in organic traffic from a local audience. Sharing information about your firm and its activities with your local news media and other specialty and industry websites may draw a wide-reaching yet focused audience.

In the digital age, most press releases contain links back to your business website and landing pages. For example, if you publish a press release about a webinar your firm is conducting, it doesn’t only get written in the local newspaper. It also appears on the paper’s website with interactive connections. And it may go out on the newspaper’s social media accounts, also with pertinent links.

The greatest strategy to acquire organic traffic from press releases is to develop the correct contacts with media partners. Where does your target audience acquire their news or information? What sources do people trust for excellent material and recommendations? If you can figure out that information and submit your press releases to those organizations for promotion on their channels, you might notice an upsurge in your organic traffic.

10. Question and Answer Forums

Question-and-answer websites enable users to ask questions about any subject they can think of, and then other individuals in the same audience may contribute replies. Similar to aggregator sites like Reddit, your team may explore particular topic boards and categories to locate ones you can answer with your content. Then you may offer links to those articles that contain the answers. You may also include a tiny preview in your text post that entices the audience to click and follow the content link back to your website.

The best strategy to gain organic traffic via this channel is to answer the most relevant inquiries in your area with really useful content. If you’re flooding the boards with self-promotional information without concentrating on what’s going to benefit your audience, most people on the forum will dismiss your contributions. Think of it as the “boy who cried wolf” effect. Don’t jump in with a “good answer” until you truly have a good one to provide.

The True Best Way to Grab Organic Traffic

Organic traffic comes from more than simply search engines. The more you concentrate beyond SEO strategies on content dissemination across platforms, the more organic traffic you may snag. As usual, generating high-quality material should be your main goal. No matter what techniques you use or where you publish your content, it’s crucial to make sure it’s something your audience wants to connect with and finds beneficial. Those easy techniques can help bring you more traffic over time since they continue to attract your audience back for more.

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