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Best AdSense Niches : Look no further than these 17 AdSense publishing niches

by jonbiss88, Tuesday, 2 April 2024 (2 months ago)
Best AdSense Niches : Look no further than these 17 AdSense publishing niches

Explore the (best AdSense niche) 16 top Best AdSense Niches for authors! From banking to health and beyond, explore chances to optimize your ad earnings.

For bloggers, there’s no better gratification than writing about their most passionate subject and maximizing ad earnings in the process. Some niches may capture the curiosity of publishers, although they may not necessarily deliver the needed ad income potential. And there are niches that come with significant money and traffic possibilities, but they may not attract bloggers or publishers.

If you’re one of those trying to investigate the top advertising niches, we have got you covered.

Before going into the most lucrative topics and keywords for AdSense, Let’s grasp what a niche is. (best AdSense niche)

What is your Best AdSense Niches?

To begin with, a basic definition of niche:

As you can see, the definition that is most relevant to us is number 3. “A specialized yet lucrative section of the market.” A niche blog is all about the balance between mainstream and obscure. It is extremely specialized, exclusive information that is being disseminated on the web for consumption. A specialty blog is a balanced strategy. It’s not obviously mainstream, yet it’s not fully underground.

Learn how you can enhance your AdSense earnings. (best AdSense niche)

Best AdSense Niches

Why do you need to choose the proper niche for AdSense?

It is extremely vital to find the proper specialty for any publisher who desires to optimize their ad earnings utilizing AdSense or even AdSense alternatives. Why? Let’s discuss:

  • Boost in Traffic
  • Higher Revenue Generation
  • Improved ad targeting and relevance
  • Increased Click-Through Rates

Picking a specialization helps tailor your content and ads to relevant parties, generating more visitors. Thus, marketers also remain ready for advertising that will be seen by their targeted audience, producing more income. (best AdSense niche)

With the correct specialty and relevant or contextual advertising, audience engagement and click-through rates also grow. And AdSense compensates the publisher for each click on an ad. Thus, finding the correct niche is quite vital.

That stated, let’s now promptly get into the approaches you may utilize to single out the suitable specialty.

How to Find the Best Adsense Niche for a Profitable Blog

With hundreds of possibilities available on the market, it might be tough to find the proper advertising niche for your organization. But there are several ways to help you locate precisely the perfect one for you.

For example, programs like Google Ads Keyword Planner show out the top-paying keywords for your reference. Not only that, but analyzing prominent publishers over the previous couple of years may also give you insight into shifting trends and reasonably successful sectors.

Other factors to bear in mind while picking an best AdSense niche are:

Traffic Volume

The second aspect you need to take into consideration to determine the perfect advertising topic for your site is examining the visitor volume. Any topic with a large visitor volume is likely to have more ad clicks, meaning greater income.
There are several free keyword search engines that will give you a niche’s traffic volume, indicating how many people are looking for that issue online. It will let you compare and make an informed decision.


Cost-per-click, or CPC, is another essential indicator that you may use to identify a specialty. CPC measures how much an advertiser would be willing to pay for an ad click. This will help publishers choose a niche that is likely to attract highly priced advertisements.

Not very competitive

Entering a niche for adsense with an extremely high visitor flow may not produce what is expected. It is exceedingly tough to break into a niche with previously established players and a high degree of competition. So, you need to hunt for a niche that has a large search volume but a low degree of competition.

First-hand experience

Is the niche you’re interested in a topic you’re well informed about? First hand experience helps you to write in an active, first person voice that makes you look credible, trustworthy, and really dependable. You can always gain the skills and knowledge that are necessary to cover the specialty you wish to pursue. But it is the key! An insider view on any topic is what differentiates an expert from an enthusiast and an enthusiast from an amateur. (best AdSense niche)

best AdSense niche


Another element to examine in order to identify some of the greatest advertising niches out there is technology. Is your specialty about technology or something else? Arts? Coffee? If you’re a coffee blogger, you should know about the technologies in the coffee business. What grinders, what roasters, what agricultural practices, what coffee equipment and makers, and many other accessories. These little subtleties enable you to cite facts that others may not know.

Content (best AdSense niche)

Once you make sure that you’re rock strong in your selected adense specialty, evaluate the content. Do you have enough to have your own blog? Don’t worry if you don’t. You can always either enhance your expertise or create guest articles for other sites that will spread your specialty information.

Either way, take a cold, hard look at the quantity of material you expect to churn out over a period of time, whether it be six months, a year, or more.

The Keywords

As a blogger, you should be well aware of the Google Keyword Planner Tool for more reasons than one. But for now, let’s simply concentrate on selecting the precise phrases that characterize your specialty.

So, for example, if you’re a blogger who wishes to write about coffee, including reviews of roasters, cafés, and popular and unique coffee recipes, What you need to know are the ideal keywords that go with coffee. These keywords are what your users will type in the Google search field to locate blogs similar to yours. (best AdSense niche)

This is where Google’s Keyword Planner tool will assist you in locating what you need. By entering a few phrases in the Keyword Planner, you will get to view average monthly searches, competition, suggested bids, and advertisement impression shares for each keyword. Too much? Here’s a simple picture to assist you:

So, these were some strategies that might help you choose the best topic for AdSense.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the 17 top advertising niches authors or bloggers may get into.

17 Best AdSense Niches for Publishers 

1. Insurance

First and one of the finest advertising niches for blogging, insurance is an industry with a greater return on investment potential, and advertisers are ready to spend more on advertisements in this niche. Thus, with an average cost-per-click of $19,87 and a monthly search volume of 398K, insurance practically tops the list of the greatest AdSense themes and is one of the most lucrative keywords of the bunch.

There are numerous sub-niches within the insurance niche that may potentially be tapped into. Like:

  • Life Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Health Insurance

Some of the top earning keywords in AdSense connected to insurance are:

Keyword Avg. monthly searches Competition Top of page bid (low range) Top of page bid (high range)

life insurance

246000 Medium 10.86


travel insurance

135000 Medium 4.57


auto insurance

450000 Low 6.48


home insurance

110000 Medium 7.87


health insurance

201000 Medium 5.85


car insurance

823000 Medium 5.46


car insurance quotes

450000 Medium 7.49


Source: Google Keyword Planner

Note: Being such a high-traffic specialty, the insurance business is very competitive and very tough to enter. So, please keep it in mind.

2. Cryptocurrency

With online transactions becoming more and more prominent in the market, bitcoin is also gaining attention among the populace and among bloggers as one of the greatest advertising themes. With new cryptocurrencies being developed, frequent news coverage, blockchain, and NFT-based content portals sprouting up, it is no wonder why this has been one of the most talked about categories on the internet.

Sub-niches for cryptocurrencies are:

  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Crypto Companies
  • Cointracker
  • Blockchain Technology

Some of the highest-paying keywords connected to cryptocurrency are:


Avg. monthly searches Competition Top of page bid (low range)

Top of page bid (high range)

blockchain technology

12100 Low 1.46


crypto exchange

12100 Medium 2.33


crypto to crypto exchange

12100 Medium 2.33


blockchain tech

12100 Low 1.46


best crypto exchange

6600 Low 3


bit coin wallet

6600 Medium 2.93


Source: Google Keyword Planner (best AdSense niche)

3. Health and Fitness

With people becoming more health-conscious, particularly after COVID-19, the health and fitness sector has been on the rise. In fact, in 2019, Google claimed that roughly 7% of daily searches were connected to health and wellbeing.

However, it is not as simple as a stroll in the park to join this sector. As it may immediately affect a person’s activity, this category is deemed more significant than most others, and the material is held to high-quality standards by Google.

It is also referred to as YMYL or  the ‘Your Money, Your Life’ niche by Google. If the material does not match specific quality requirements, Google might penalize the publisher. But if the material is real, it has the potential to generate a lot of ad income.

Some of the highly paid sub-niches linked to health and fitness are:

  • Personal Care
  • Healthy Eating
  • Youfit
  • Physical Trainers
  • Weight Loss Tips
  • Workout Routines

Some of the high-paying keywords connected to health and fitness are:


Avg. monthly searches Competition Top of page bid (low range)

Top of page bid (high range)

abs workout exercises

201000 Low 0.09


shoulder workout exercises

165000 Low 0.03


personal trainer near me

135000 Low 1.95


workout routines

49500 Low 0.88


healthy fast foods

49500 Low 0.04


Source: Google Keyword Planner

4. Real Estate

Real estate is a fast developing business where the audience wants to be supplied with the most updated information at any given moment. They demand very thorough material on the topic area, which might be tricky for a smaller publisher or a company to supply owing to resource limits.

Sub-niches you may try your hand at:

  • Realtor
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Property Agent
  • Buy Homes

Some of the top paid keywords connected to real estate are:


Avg. monthly searches Competition Top of page bid (low range)

Top of page bid (high range)

real estate agent

135000 Low 3.85


property agent

880 Low 4.02


buy homes

5400 Medium 0.63


houses for sale

673000 Medium 0.21


we buy houses

14800 Medium 17.43


sell my house fast

12100 Low 17.21


homes for sale

368000 Medium 0.23


Source: Google Keyword Planner

5. Digital marketing

Another one of the top advertising niches may be digital marketing, which is one of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s world. With more and more companies moving digital, publishers need to seek efficient methods to sell their goods online. So, publishing content utilizing these keywords will not only draw traffic from present publications but also from fledgling publishers on the web. (best AdSense niche)

Other sub-niches within the digital marketing business that may work include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Internet Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Digital Media
  • PPC Agency (best AdSense niche)

Some of the highest-paying keywords connected to digital marketing are:

Keyword Avg. monthly searches Competition Top of page bid (low range)

Top of page bid (high range)

best seo companies

USD 3600 Low


email campaign services

USD 260 Medium


search engine marketing

USD 40500 Low


seo consultant

USD 8100 Low


google ads promotion

USD 320 Medium


seo search engine optimization

USD 14800 Low


Source: Google Keyword Planner

6. Online education 

Ever since 2020, the idea of ‘in person’ has lost its significance. Be it business or schools, everything has gone digital. And as more students join online, this paradigm shift is embedded even further in our culture. (best AdSense niche)

With an average CPC of $10.75 and a monthly search volume of 5K, this is a thriving best AdSense niche with a low entry barrier for small publishers.

Some sub-niches to consider:

  • Free Online Course
  • Distance Learning
  • Online Classes
  • E-Learning Programs for Business
  • Virtual Schools
  • Online Schools

Some of the highest-paying keywords connected to online education are:


Avg. monthly searches Competition Top of page bid (low range)

Top of page bid (high range)

free online course

18100 Medium 1.41


distance learning

2400 Low 4.15


online classes

12100 Medium 6.85


virtual schools

880 Medium 3.28


online schools

33100 Medium 10.16


online colleges

40500 Medium 22.68


online college courses

18100 Medium 15.92


Source: Google Keyword Planner

7. Automobile

The automobile industry is fairly vast, with many corporate organizations involved in design, development, manufacture, marketing, and sales. It’s a sector that spends billions of dollars in advertising each year, making it one of the most lucrative businesses and one of the finest niches for AdSense on the list.

People frequently look for anything from insurance to accessories and even simple maintenance, offering publishers a vast selection of themes to pick from. (best AdSense niche)

Sub-niches to consider:

  • Vintage Car
  • Auto Insurance Online
  • Vehicle repair and maintenance
  • Top car brands
  • Automobile Parts
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles (best AdSense niche)

Some of the highest-paying keywords connected to automobiles are:


Avg. monthly searches Competition Top of page bid (low range) Top of page bid (high range)

vintage car

22200 High 0.13


auto insurance online

2900 Medium 4.95


vehicle repair and maintenance

90 Low 1.87


top car brands

2400 Medium 3.22


automobile parts

823000 Low 0.23


electric and hybrid vehicles

5400 Medium 1.98


car insurance online

18100 Low 4.54


Source: Google Keyword Planner

8. Make money online.

Who doesn’t appreciate the thought of earning money while sitting at home? Though there is a little more to the entire procedure, nowadays, half the population is generating money online, and the other half wants to know how. No matter whether it’s full-time work or a brief stint for some additional income, this is the reason why this niche is a popular item in advertising right now. (best AdSense niche)

Some of its sub-niches are:

  • Make money from home.
  • Online Earning
  • Survey Sites
  • Paid Surveys
  • Get Paid Online

Some of the high-paying keywords connected to Make Money Online are:


Avg. monthly searches Competition Top of page bid (low range)

Top of page bid (high range)

make money online

74000 Medium 1.09


ways to make money online

49500 Medium 1.01


surveys for money

33100 Medium 1.42


earn money online

18100 Medium 1.1


easy ways to make money online

12100 Medium 1.15


Source: Google Keyword Planner (best AdSense niche)

9. Personal Finance

Personal finance is an umbrella specialization that encompasses issues such as investing, managing money, budgeting, and more. It’s one of the strong ROI businesses, meaning the marketers will spend extra for an ad if need be.

But it is worth remembering that, much like health and fitness, personal finances also fall within the YMYL category. The information published here is subject to extraordinarily high-level quality standards.

Some of its sub-niches to consider are:

  • Finance Advisor
  • Money Manager
  • Budgeting
  • Investment
  • Finance Coach
  • Financial Plans

Some of the high-paying keywords connected to personal finance are:


Avg. monthly searches Competition Top of page bid (low range)

Top of page bid (high range)

wealth management

27100 Low 5


investing for beginners

18100 Medium 2.29


surveys for money

33100 Medium 1.42


earn money online

18100 Medium 1.1


real ways to make money from home for free

14800 Medium 0.83


easy ways to make money online

12100 Medium 1.15


Source: Google Keyword Planner

10. Online Banking

With the recent changes in contemporary man’s lifestyle and the advent of new technology, internet banking has made life simpler for everyone. And given that it’s a relatively young and developing specialty, the competition is not going to be too tough to crack.

Sub-niches to explore:

  • Digital Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Virtual Cards
  • Online Payment Solutions
  • Online Banking Apps

Some of the high-paying keywords connected to online banking are:


Avg. monthly searches Competition Top of page bid (low range)

Top of page bid (high range)

online payment solutions

390 Low 16


online banking apps

2900 Medium 7.57


deposit check online

4400 Medium 4.41


mobile banking app

5400 Medium 3.54


best online banking app

1300 Medium 4.89


best payment system for small business

170 Medium 12.52


Source: Google Keyword Planner

Legal is another high-paying AdSense sector on the internet. However, it is a highly competitive sector since most legal activities earn a lot of money.

Publishers need to ensure they are on top of all the legislation and policy developments occurring around them. This would undoubtedly help develop trust, particularly because many increasingly prefer to seek legal counsel online before getting aid from legal specialists.

Some of the sub-niches to examine are:

  • Legal Issues
  • Family Law
  • Business Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Legal Properties

Some of the high-paying keywords connected to legal:


Avg. monthly searches Competition Top of page bid (low range)

Top of page bid (high range)

divorce attorney

40500 Low 3.06


real estate lawyer

33100 Low 2.43


lawyer firm near me

33100 Low 4.73


child custody lawyer

18100 Low 2.61


child support lawyer

12100 Low 2.31


family court lawyers

12100 Medium 2.35


Source: Google Keyword Planner

12. Travel and Accommodation

Travel and accommodation are good specialties to explore. Thousands of individuals explore places before arranging a vacation. Publishers may provide general or tailored content about hotel alternatives, restaurants to popular locations, and more.

There are so many locations to visit, which is why marketers are spending so much on advertisements and promotions, and this is a high CPC AdSense niche.

Sub-niches to consider:

  • Hotel Reservations
  • Flight Booking
  • Vacation
  • Travel
  • Restaurants
  • Lodging

Some of the high-paying keywords connected to travel and accommodation are:


Avg. monthly searches Competition Top of page bid (low range)

Top of page bid (high range)

hotel reservations

12,100 Low $2.27


flight booking

27,100 Medium $0.46



201,000 Low $0.45



246,000 Low $0.52



68,000,000 Low $0.93



368,000 Low $1.15


Source: Google Keyword Planner

13. Blogging

Now, the last and one of the greatest advertising niches on the list, blogging, is the most diversified advertising niche of all. With so many people coming online to hunt for solutions to their concerns, blogging has not only become one of the key methods for marketing but also a source of primary income for many. (best AdSense niche)

The nicest part about this specialty is that it doesn’t come with any guardrails, so one may write about everything under the sun or beyond it.

Some sub-niches to explore:

  • Travel Blogging
  • Fashion Blogging
  • Food Blogging
  • WordPress Blogging

And here’s an outline of these crucial


Avg. monthly searches Competition Top-of-page bid (low range)

Top-of-page bid (high range)

travel blogging

9900 Low 0.91


fashion blogging

4400 Low 0.74


food blogging

6600 Low 0.84


wordpress blogging

5400 Low 1.31


Source: Google Keyword Planner

14. Web Development

Web development is another developing business, with millions of individuals seeking answers online, making this a high-paying AdSense niche. It covers everything from developing websites to security, UI, and so many more.

Sub-niches in this niche are:

  • Front-end Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • Web Programming
  • Python Development
  • Ruby on Rail Development

Here’s an overview of terms in web development:


Avg. monthly searches Competition Top of page bid (low range)

Top of page bid (high range)

front end development

2400 Low 2.54


full stack development

1900 Low 3.21


web programming

720 Low 3.02


python development

390 Low 2.52


Source: Google Keyword Planner (best AdSense niche)

15. Web Hosting

Web hosting is a rising sector that is predicted to reach $183 billion by 2027. No publisher would want to pass up on that. With over 200 million active websites and more coming up every day, this area provides significant profit margins.

Sub-niches to consider:

  • GoDaddy Web Hosting
  • Bluehost Web Hosting
  • Hostgator Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

Some of the top-paying keywords in web hosting are:


Avg. monthly searches Competition Top-of-page bid (low range)

Top-of-page bid (high range)

free web hosting website

22200 Medium 2.92


godaddy website builder

18100 Low 2.94


go daddy website builder

18100 Low 2.94


godaddy site builder

18100 Low 2.94


wordpress hosting

9900 Medium 8.33


Source: Google Keyword Planner

17. Retail

Just as with travel, even with retail, one may either provide generic information or offer their own experiences. It might be about everything that is bought—furniture, cosmetics, clothing, or even restaurants.

Sub-niches to consider:

  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Retailing
  • Local and artisanal retail
  • Online Retail and E-Commerce Trends
  • Fashion and beauty retail
  • Health & Wellness Retail
  • Tech & Gadgets Retail
  • Home and Interior Design Retail
  • Niche Hobbies and Collectibles

And there are additional high-paying keywords connected to retail:


Avg. monthly searches Competition Top of page bid (lowange)

Top of page bid (hiHighange)

internet shopping trends 2023

50 Low 2.1


retail e-commerce trends

50 Low 73.7


shopping for home decor

5000 High 5.1


current trends in ecommerce

500 Low 7.46


environmentally friendly and sustainable retailing Unknown Unknown Unknown


tech & gadgets retail Unknown Unknown Unknown


So, these were 17 of the top AdSense niches out there. Now, the list doesn’t end here, but these are some of the most lucrative sectors and most profitable keywords for AdSense.

Factors to Consider to Boost Your best Adsense Niche Revenue

Alright, so you know how to identify the top AdSense niches and the AdSense keywords. You know what you want to write about. That is your niche. Now comes your expertise in the form of content. Do you appreciate longform blog entries such as this one? Or would you want to record movies in your chosen niche?

The option is yours. But your finest ad revenue stream is when you take care of a few factors, such as :

Expert Content and Niche Relevance

If you want high traffic, you need decent content. And you need excellent material with a regular schedule. That implies your specialization is crucial since you should have a lot of knowledge and a lot of first hand insights about it. (best AdSense niche)

The Role of Quality Content in Google’s Eyes

Google likes long-form content. But Google dislikes unoriginal or suspicious stuff. Google is like a stern school teacher for us writers! But on a serious note, whether you go with videos or long form content, infographics, or white papers, remember that quality is much more essential than quantity. Your ad revenue comes from your readers. And they won’t come to your blog if you do not provide a baseline of quality as well as valuable information. Which takes us to our second significant factor: value. (best AdSense niche)

Delivering Value Through Novelty and Utility

Your niche blog is going to be famous not just because it speaks about an exclusive or esoteric subject but also because it discloses something new, useful, or entertaining. Either make them smile or address their issue. Users who locate any of the two should always subscribe or visit.

Use the Resources on the Web for Understanding Your Niche

You can always obtain a better notion of which of the AdSense themes is most profitable via Google AdSense earnings. A quick search can inform you of the niches that pay the most in ad revenue.

Your ads should relate to or reflect your niche.

When you accept ads on your blog, be sure to retain the readability and the user experience. Don’t replicate a famous blog you look up to and shamelessly insert advertisements here and there. The website is luxury real estate. Use it well. Your users are here for the information from your content, not from the advertising first.

Find your voice. Own your blog. 

When you start your specialty blog, make sure you become a trusted expert. That also requires keeping a careful eye on which ad network best meets your demands. There are various wonderful alternatives to Google AdSense, such as Medianet, Bidvertiser, and more. To find out which ad network can cover your topic and bring you the greatest income, visit the Top 13 High-Paying CPC/PPC Networks. (best AdSense niche)

The most important factor

Your advertising specialty should be all about your greatest abilities and your passion coming together to produce something. Don’t take it lightly. Give it everything you have. And if you ever need to solve an issue, feel free to drop in a comment, and we’d love to assist.

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This piece not only throws light on the necessity of finding the correct best AdSense niche for your organization but also presents 17 outstanding contenders for the position. Each of these categories is relevant and increasing, demonstrating potential to aid publishers in making a high ad income on their websites.

In case you need more support, simply reach out to us, and we will answer any queries you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Adsense Niches

Q1. Which category pays the most for Google AdSense?

Insurance pays the highest cost-per-click among all AdSense specialties.

Q2. What is the ideal niche for AdSense approval in 2024? 

Any and all of the niches stated above in the article are excellent enough to pursue.

Q3. Is AdSense still lucrative in 2024?

Of course! AdSense is still economical in 2024. But to get the most out of your website, it is advisable to cooperate with another monetization provider and not depend entirely on AdSense. (best AdSense niche)


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