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15 Top AdSense Niches for Creators into 2023

by jonbiss88, Wednesday, 15 November 2023 (7 months ago)
15 Top AdSense Niches for Creators into 2023

While Google AdSense remains one of the greatest methods for digital publishers to monetise their work, optimizing that income isn’t always straightforward.

If you feel that your AdSense earnings aren’t where they should be, you may want to check into higher paying AdSense topics. Alternatively, you may be interested in AdSense alternatives such as Google AdX.

In this post, we discuss the 15 greatest AdSense niches for publishers and also take you through how to choose the finest AdSense niche.

How to Find Profitable Niches for Google AdSense Earnings

Tools such as Google Ads’ Keyword Planner can offer a fair sense of the top paying keywords. Additionally, examining top publishers might give some insight into viable areas.

Here are some crucial factors you’ll want to consider while studying successful niches.

1. Traffic Volume 

more traffic volume generally translates into a bigger opportunity for more ad clicks, which implies more profits. As such, AdSense themes with more visits are more likely to produce larger profits.

You may utilize keyword research to find out a niche’s visitor volume. Researching keywords indicates how often people seek for a given issue.

There are various free keyword research tools that may give insight into the search volume of subjects of interest.

2. Cost-Per-Click

Cost-per-click (CPC) is another crucial measure to consider while searching for successful niches.

CPC affects how much an advertiser will pay for ad clicks. Understanding this measure means publishers are able to identify which categories will attract the most profitable paid ad campaigns. They may then build content strategies that will optimize their ad income.

3. Competition 

A specialty with high visitor volume can not necessarily be lucrative when there’s a high amount of competition. If there are already a significant number of established companies fighting in a niche, it’s usually a challenging place to break into it.

You’re better off searching for a niche with high traffic volume and minimal competition.

Keyword Planner will help you locate keywords with high cost per click (CPC) and low competition.

1. Insurance

2. Cryptocurrency

3. Health and Fitness

4. Real Estate

5. Digital Marketing

6. Online Learning

7. Automobile

8. Make Money Online

9. Personal Finance

10. Online Banking

11. Legal

12. Travel and Accommodation

13. Blogging

14. Web Development

15. Web Hosting

Profitable monetization of a website needs careful consideration of various contributing aspects.

For maximum monetization of their website, publishers need to have a holistic perspective of the advertising ecosystem to arrive at a clear image of the efficiency of a Google AdSense niche. Even websites that receive tremendous traffic may occasionally yield poor AdSense income because the website owner may have neglected to account for various aspects that go into a successful monetization campaign.

With that in mind, here’s a list of 15 of the most lucrative areas for publishers.


1. Insurance 

Insurance is a sector with significant return on investment (ROI) potential. That’s why marketers are ready to spend more for advertising in the insurance segment, making the CPC higher. This in turn makes it one of the most earning AdSense niches.

High search volumes in the insurance industry are another cause for larger AdSense earnings. According to the term Planner, the term “insurance” pulls in over 1 million searches each month in the US alone.

This niche has several successful sub-niches. Some of them are as follows:

  • Life insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Health insurance

Here are some of the top paid keywords for the insurance niche according to Keyword Planner:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
Business insurance 10k – 100 k $79.39
Auto insurance 100k – 1 million $67.30
Car insurance quotes 100k – 1 million $65.90
Insurance quotes 100k – 1 million $54.13
Homeowners insurance 100k – 1 million $47.50
Cheap car insurance 100k – 1 million $46.01
Life insurance 100k – 1 million $35.82

Source: Keyword Planner


2. Cryptocurrency

As financial transactions shift online, there has been a big rise of consumer interest in cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to continual news coverage, and frequent introduction of web 3.0 applications and software, bitcoin has emerged as one of the most talked about areas in recent years. That this segment is capable of producing enormous amounts of traffic in a short space of time is obvious from the sheer number of bitcoin, blockchain and NFT-based content websites.

Some bitcoin sub-niches are as follows:

  • Crypto firms
  • Crypto investing
  • Cointracker
  • Cryptocurrency trading

Below is a list of some of the most paid keywords for cryptocurrency:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
sec coin 100 – 1k $111.76
Top crypto companies 100 – 1k $37.72
Anchorage crypto 1k – 10k $34.70
Cointracker 10k – 100k $32.49
Webull crypto 1k -10k $28.33
Best crypto wallets 10k – 100k $19.13
Best platform to buy cryptocurrency 1k – 10k $19.09

Source: Keyword Planner


3. Health and Fitness

About 7% of daily Google queries were health-related, the search engine reported in 2019. If you’re searching for one of the most successful Google AdSense categories, you may want to investigate the health and fitness area.

However, you have to be extremely cautious about releasing health-related information because of the sensitivity of the matter. Google classifies a lot of material in the health and fitness area as Your Money Or Your Life (YMYL), with high Page Quality rating requirements.

This implies material in this sector that does not satisfy Google’s guidelines might be punished. On the other side, excellent quality material is likely to generate ad money.

Here are the most successful sub-niches of the health and fitness niche:

  • Youfit
  • Corporate fitness
  • Fitness professionals
  • Health and fitness websites
  • Physical trainers
  • Physical fitness

Here’s the list of a few of the top paid keywords for health in the US:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
Youfit dania pointe 100 – 1k $485.58
Youfit near me 10k – 100k $332.32
In shape fitness 1k – 10k $256.06
Health and fitness 1k – 10k $32.93
Webull crypto 1k -10k $28.33
Corporate fitness programs 100 -1k $26.20
Corporate fitness 100 – 1k $18.78
Club one fitness 1k – 10k $12.55

Source: Keyword Planner


4. Real Estate

Real estate is a highly competitive and dynamic sector that demands careful navigation, since it changes rapidly and readers want a high degree of granular knowledge about the subject matter that may often be impossible for smaller publications to give. If you’re new to this area, look targeting high-paying keywords with minimal competition.

Some lucrative sub-niches of the real estate niche are as follows:

  • Kvcore
  • Realtor
  • Real estate agent
  • Property Agent
  • Buy houses

Here’s the list of a few most paid keywords in the real estate niche:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
Kvcore 10k – 100k $126.08
Real estate leads 1k – 10k $49.83
Find a realtor 1k – 10k $37.10
Best realtor near me 1k – 10k $34.69
Real estate crm 1k -10k $31.06
Best real estate agent near me 1k – 10k $26.82
Best home buying sites 1k – 10k $25.42

Source: Keyword Planner


5. Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing and advertising are two of the fastest expanding sectors today. As more companies go online, they need to find more effective methods to market their products and services online.

Keywords for the digital marketing and advertising niche attract firms as well as learners seeking for employment prospects. That’s why marketers don’t mind spending top dollar for a single click in this extremely successful area.

A few sub-niches of digital marketing are as follows:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Internet marketing
  • Google Ads marketing
  • Digital media
  • PPC agency

Here are some of the most paid digital marketing keywords:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
Law firm web marketing 100 – 1k $138.70
Best SEO marketing companies 100 – 1k $91.94
Search engine marketers 100 – 1k $91.94
b2b internet marketing agency 100 – 1k $34.69
Google ads marketing agency 100 – 1k $82.72
Digital marketing advertising 100 -1k $80.00
Digital media advertising 100 – 1k $80.00

Source: Keyword Planner


6. Online Learning

The past several years have witnessed a paradigm shift towards virtual learning. As more and more students participate in virtual learning, marketers in this segment are prepared to spend a considerable sum for ad clicks.

The Online education niche is a successful AdSense niche with a very low barrier to entry for smaller publishers.

Some online learning sub-niches include:

  • Distance learning
  • Online schools
  • Online courses
  • Online ed
  • Virtual schools

The most paid keywords for this space:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
Online schools for psychology 100 – 1k $116.49
Distance learning degrees 100 – 1k $103.12
Google online courses 1k – 10k $91.31
b2b internet marketing agency 100 – 1k $34.69
Google online class 100 – 1k $87.89
Online education system 100 – 1k $78.18
IT online classes 1k -10k $68.33
Online education programs 1k – 10k $56.37

Source: Keyword Planner


7. Automobile

The automotive industry is made up of a varied set of enterprises involved in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of vehicles.

As it’s a major sector, vehicle firms spend billions on advertising yearly. This makes the vehicle segment one of the most lucrative for publishers. Users generally look for information both about autos and accessories such as auto insurance online, providing publishers a broad selection of subjects to deal with.

Some of the sub-niches of the vehicle niche are as follows

  • Car brands
  • Vintage car
  • German automobiles
  • American automobiles
  • Top car brands

Here are the top paid keywords for the niche:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
California state automobile association 100 – 1k $89.72
Vinfast cars 1k – 10k $28.16
Automobile technician 1k – 10k $18.91
Aaa southern ca 100 – 1k $17.59
Top american car brands 100 – 1k $16.92
Automotive market 1k -10k $13.33
Auto mechanical 1k – 10k $12.61
Online education programs 1k – 10k $56.37

Source: Keyword Planner


8. Make Money Online 

With the internet economy flourishing, more individuals are generating money online, and more others want to follow suit. With this, the make-money-online sector is not only getting greater popularity but also drawing marketers. There’s rivalry between advertising wanting to offer their services and courses to consumers looking to earn money online.

Make-money-online sub-niches include:

  • Make money from home
  • Online earning
  • Paid surveys
  • Survey sites
  • Get paid online

Top-paying keywords of this area include:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
Online survey sites 100 – 1k $21.86
Online ads earning 100 – 1k $19.37
Best online survey sites 100 – 1k $14.20
Win money online 1k – 10k $12.43
Legit platform to make money online 100 – 1k $6.72
Websites that pay 1k -10k $6.50
Best earning sites 1k – 10k $6.19

Source: Keyword Planner


9. Personal Finance

Personal finance includes a wide variety of issues that assist individuals manage their money. It covers themes such as investing, managing money, living within your means, Budgeting, and more. It’s a high ROI sector, and consequently, advertisers won’t mind paying more for clicks on their advertising. It is to be highlighted, however, that like with the health and fitness category, money also comes within Google’s YMYL classification for website content.

This implies that material generated in this category has to fulfill Google’s high quality requirements to rank.

Sub-niches of personal finance are:

  • Finance advisor
  • Money manager
  • Budgeting
  • Finance coach
  • Financial plans

Top-paying keywords in the personal finance area are:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
R personal finance 1k – 10k $100.00
Talk to a financial advisor 100 – 1k $52.69
I need a financial advisor 100 – 1k $50.93
Find a financial advisor 1k – 10k $50.32
Personal financial advisor near me 100 – 1k $42.94
Personal wealth manager 100 -1k $40.00
Financial planners near me 10k – 100k $6.19

Source: Keyword Planner


10. Online Banking

Online banking is more safe and less problematic when compared to the physical version. That’s why individuals have come to prefer performing financial transactions online.

The internet banking market is competitive, however, and publishers need to be prepared to research the niche extensively if they wish to be able to effectively join the niche.

Sub-niches of the internet banking niche include

  • Mobile banking
  • Virtual cards
  • Online banking applications
  • Online payment solutions
  • Digital banking

The niche’s top-paying keywords include:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
Huntington online 10k – 100k $193.99
Huntington online banking 100k – 1m $155.43
Flagstar online banking 1k – 10k $118.19
Apply for bank account online 1k – 10k $96.00
Open savings account online 1k – 10k $66.03
Open bank account online 10k -100k $65.56
Set up bank account online 1k – 10k $65.19

Source: Keyword Planner


Law and legal services is another high-paying niche where marketers are ready to spend extra for each click. It is a competitive business since most legal services produce a large amount of income.

Moreover, individuals are increasingly looking to internet resources first to identify legal practitioners or solutions to legal problems.

Legal sub-niches include:

  • Family law
  • Business law
  • Criminal law
  • Aviation legislation
  • Corporate law

Top-paying keywords are:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
Prepaid legal 1k – 10k $290.77
Prepaid legal services 1k – 10k $230.91
Law pages 100 – 1k $142.36
Dui laws 10k – 100k $135.11
Personal injury law 1k – 10k $128.38
Criminal law 10k -100k $55.73
Law offices near me 10k – 100k $54.17

Source: Keyword Planner


12. Travel and Accommodation

Travel and lodging service companies are attempting to convert information searchers to paying clients.

Hotel booking, trip packages, purchasing for adventure gear, airline booking, etc. are all services that are fast going online. That’s why travel and hotel advertising frequently have a high CPC.

As of 2022, the hotel sector looks to be rebounding well following the worldwide economic shutdown of 2020. With consumers resuming foreign Travel, big businesses within the travel sector are once again releasing their purse strings to spend on advertising.

Travel and accommodation sub-niches include:

  • Business travel
  • Hotel reservation
  • Flight booking
  • Vacation
  • Travel

Top-paying travel and accommodation keywords include:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
Hotel booking system free 1k – 10k $290.77
Prepaid legal services 1k – 10k $230.91
Law pages 100 – 1k $142.36
Dui laws 10k – 100k $135.11
Personal injury law 1k – 10k $128.38
Criminal law 10k -100k $55.73
Law offices near me 10k – 100k $54.17

Source: Keyword Planner


13. Blogging 

Blogging has gone a long way from its modest roots. With more people seeking for answers on the internet, blogging has become both a source of main income for individuals as well as a key marketing tool for companies.

With a rising number of individuals wishing to excel in the field, it has opened new chances for publishers to educate how to blog effectively.

Blogging sub-niches include:

  • Travel blogging
  • Fashion blogging
  • Food blogging
  • Guest blogging
  • WordPress blogging

Top-paying keywords for Blogging specialty include:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
Bluehost blog 100 – 1k $333.42
Self-hosted wordpress 100 – 1k $121.49
Blog hosting 1k – 10k $43.70
WordPress start a blog 100 – 1k $42.54
Best blog hosting sites 100 – 1k $34.45
Squarespace blog 1k -10k $30.00
Minimalist blog 100 – 1k $24.53

Source: Keyword Planner


14. Web Development

The web development market is increasing swiftly, with the sector becoming more popular with advertisers.

Every month, millions of individuals seek for web development solutions online, bringing with them a fantastic chance for publishers to gain attention.

Web development is also a profitable specialty because of the breadth of its reach. It is more than simply constructing websites—incorporating fields such as security, user experience, third-party integrations, etc. This makes it one of the highest-paying AdSense niches.

Web development sub-niches include:

  • Front end development
  • Full stack development
  • Ruby on rails development
  • Web programming
  • Python development

Top-paying keywords for web development include:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
Outsource web development services 10 – 100 $1000.00
Off-shore web development 10 – 100 $542.49
Ruby on rails development company 100 – 1k $420.00
Angularjs development company 100 – 1k $218.79
Reactjs web development company 100 – 1k $175.95
Outsource web development 100 -1k 163.01
Ruby web development 100 – 1k $128.54

Source: Keyword Planner


15. Web Hosting

Web hosting is a major business and is expected to reach $183 billion by 2027. Web hosting companies spend considerably on advertising every year as there are already almost 200 million active websites in the globe, and the number is rising.

Web hosting sub-niches are:

  • Go daddy web hosting
  • Bluehost web hosting
  • Hostgator web hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • WordPress hosting

Top-paying web development keywords include:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
Bluehost student discount 10 – 100 $1000.00
Google workspace web hosting 10 – 100 $1000.00
Bluehost coupons 100 – 1k $944.64
Gator web hosting 100 – 1k $393.85
Hostgator hosting plans 100 – 1k $324.54
Bluehost hosting 100 -1k $322.44
Ruby web development 100 – 1k $128.54

Source: Keyword Planner

Final Thoughts

There are various successful AdSense niches to explore and it’s not necessarily essential to identify simply those themes with the biggest visitor volume or highest CPC rate to enhance AdSense earnings.

What you post could also substantially effect how much you make. If you’re writing content solely for the purpose of publishing, rather than providing your audience with value, then you’re at danger of losing visitors.

In other words, concentrating on the ideal topic for AdSense should not detract you from your essential objective of providing content that addresses user’s concerns.

Even if you gain traffic through AdSense arbitrage, your visitors may bounce away within seconds. Therefore, you’ll want to invest some time and effort on creating quality content.

While there are numerous successful AdSense niches, merely identifying the suitable topic is not enough to enhance earnings. You’ll need to examine the niche’s potential ROI as well as how much competition there is for high CPC keywords and prepare appropriately.

If you’re producing more than $2,000 in monthly ad income, contact us today to learn more about how Publift may help improve your ad revenue and best utilize the ad space available on your website or app.


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